Graduate Seminar: Rhetoric in Society

Study of the relationship of language and human action, with emphasis on how rhetoric reflects and shapes social practices and how literate activity operates in a complex society; emphasis on written communication.


Senior Seminar: Issues in Professional and Public Discourse with Disasters & Crisis Communication

Senior level Undergraduate Course designed is designed for English, Communications, and Public Relations majors whose major or minor is Professional Writing. This course focusses on writing in and about addressing global issues such as climate change, disasters via risk and crisis communication.

Professional Writing with Risk Communication

Undergraduate course that introduces students to the theory and practice of professional writing and its functions in workplace settings with focus on Multicultural contexts, Risk Communication and Global Social Justice

Creating User Documentation with International Service Learning / Local Service Learning 

Undergraduate course that introduces user documentation with focus on–procedures, processes, and narrative—to develop an understanding of the variety of technical tools and best practices for creating user documentation. Current Partnership with Code for Nepal and Student Affairs at VT where students are producing post-pandemic digital literacy materials.

Graduate Seminar: Teaching First-Year Composition Assistant Mentor Fall 2019-Spring 2020

This course prepares first year graduate students at Purdue to teach composition at the university level according to the outcomes of the Introductory Composition at Purdue.

Business Writing with Local and International Service Learning, (Fall 2018, Spring 2019)

Undergraduate courses Partnered with local organization Caregiver Companion (Fall) and international organization Code for Nepal (Spring). Students learned grant writing and secured $3400 grant in Fall 2018 and $1500 in Spring to support community partner granted via Purdue’s Office of Engagement.