Grants, Awards, Fellowships


2022American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) Digital Justice Seed Grant ($24, 888) with Dr. Katrina Powell. Towards Digital Justice: Developing US Citizenship Application & Website with Refugees & Immigrants
20224-VA Grant @ George Mason Collaborative Research Grant ($19, 570) with Dr. Nupoor Ranade, Dr. Ja’la Wourman, Dr. Daniel Richards, and Dr. Daniel Hocutt. Ethical Data Analytics: Investigating Data Analytics as a Pedagogical Practice for the Humanities.
2022Center for Coastal Studies, Virginia Tech Research Grant ($15000) for the project with Dr. Andrew Katz.  COVID-19 & Climate Change: Mapping the effects of compounding Crisis in the Coastal Zone
2022NCTE, CCCCs Research Initiative Grant Research Grant ($2500) with Dr. Steve Parks, Dr. Laura Gonzales, Dr. Chris Lindgren, Dr. Kevin Smith. The White Supremacy of Academic Scholarship: A Data Analysis of Composition/Rhetoric Top Journals and the Denial of Equity.
2022Commonwealth Cyber Initiative, Cybersecurity Research (Not funded). Empowering Migrants & Refugee Communities in SWVA: Enhancing Digital Literacy and Developing Cyber Security Capacities
2021Niles Grant, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech Research Grant ($6000) awarded for summer research
2021Science Arts Collaboration, Center for Communicating Sciences, Virginia Tech Collaborative Grant ($3750) with Daniel Tobin
2021Center for Coastal Studies, Virginia Tech Research Grant ($14598) for the project: Creating an Inventory of Interdisciplinary Research in Virginia’s Coastal Zone with Dr. Liesel Ritchie
2020    Special Interest Group on Design of Communication Research Grant ($1200) awarded for conducting research for the project: Exploring Risk and Crisis Communication Practices of Transnational Feminists in Ensuring Equity and Justice During COVID 19.
2020Spencer Grant (Not Funded) Research Grant ($50,000) with Dr. Jessica Edwards, Dr. Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Dr. Josephine Walwema. The Impact of Service-learning Based University Courses: Exploring the Effectiveness of Community-University Partnerships for Social Justice.
2020Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) ($2000) Research Grant awarded with Dr. Jessica Edwards, Dr. Jennifer Sano-Franchini, Dr. Josephine Walwema for the project: “Service Learning in Technical and Professional Communication through Social Justice and Intercultural Frameworks: A Multisite Study”
2020International Initiative Grants, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, Virginia Tech Grant ($750) provided to organize an international public Webinar on “How women across the world are coping, managing, and resisting COVID-19”
2020 &2021Faculty Undergraduate Research Fund, College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences  Research Grant ($4000) for hiring two undergraduate students for conducting research on the project: “Rethinking Service Learning During Pandemic”
2020Faculty Mentoring Grant, Virginia Tech Provost Office Mentoring Grant ($1500) for Book Workshop
2019Center of Intercultural Learning Mentorship, Assessment and Research, Purdue University Mini grant ($2000) for Data gathering for dissertation project
2018-2019College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University Graduate School Scholarship for (2018-2019) ($2000)Purdue Research Fund -Summer Research Grant (2018) ($3,597)Promise Award (2017) ($650), Promise Award (2018) ($750)Digital Humanities Travel Award ($600)Department of English Rider Grant ($250)
2018-2019Office of Engagement, Purdue University Service-Learning Grant for Business Writing Class. Fall 2018 ($3400)Service-Learning Grant for Rhetorics of Service-Learning. Fall 2018 ($1850)Service-Learning Grant for Business Writing Class. Spring 2019($1500)Service-Learning Grant. Fall 2020 ($1500)
2014-2015University Grants Commissions, Kathmandu Nepal International Travel Grant ($250)Master of Arts and Master of Philosophy Thesis Writing Grant ($250 each)


2022Coalition of Community Writing 2021 Emerging Scholars Award
2021Conference on College Composition and Communication 2021 2021 CCCC Outstanding Dissertation Award in Technical Communication-Honorable Mention
2020Conference on College Composition and Communication 2020 2020 Chairs’ Memorial Scholarship ($750)
2019Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) 2019 CPTSC and Bedford St. Martin’s Diversity Scholarship Award (750) Computers and Writing Conference 2019 2019 Kairos Service Award for Graduate Students and Adjuncts
 Purdue University Graduate Pedagogy Showcase Award 2019 Best of the Graduate Pedagogy Showcase Award ($200)
 Special Interest Group for the Design of Communication Conference 2019 Graduate Student Travel Award ($500)
 Conference on College Composition and Communication 2019 2019 CCCCs Scholars for Dreams Award ($1000)
 Association of Teachers of Technical Writing Conference 2019 ATTW Amplification Award ($500)
2018Literary Awards, College of Liberal Arts, Purdue University Kneale Award for Best Rhetoric and Composition Paper 2018 ($200)
 Computers and Writing Conference 2018 Graduate Student Travel Award ($135)
2017Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference 2017 Nan Johnson Outstanding Graduate Student Travel Award ($200)
2010Purbanchal University, Biratnagar, Nepal Dhurba Narayan Lal Gold Medal for securing top position in Bachelor of Arts program


2019Centro for Puerto Rican Studies (Centro) Centro 2019 Summer Dissertation Fellowship ($2574) CCCCs Studies in Writing and Rhetoric Series Studies in Writing and Rhetoric, Editorial Fellowship Association of Technical Communications Conference 2019 Research Methods Workshop Participation Fellowship ($200)
2014United States Department of State Study of the US Institutes: Contemporary American Literature. Summer 2014, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
2011Government of China Training Course on Radio Broadcasting Techniques for Developing Countries. Summer 2011. China Radio and TV Corporation, Beijing, China