Service Learning with Caregiver Companion

Fall 2018 Student Service Learning Project with Caregiver Companion, Lafayette, IN.


Through this course my students perform public humanities by working closely with a community partner Caregiver Companion to raise funds for the elderly population our partner is serving. Caregiver Companion is local non-profit organization assisting elderly and disable population in Tippecanoe county. They are seeking for more volunteers to expand their services to the most vulnerable population.


Within this course, students engaged directly with the community by applying their knowledge of rhetoric, writing, and community service for social justice.


  • Office of Engagement at Purdue University provided us with $3400 grant to support Caregiver Companion. With this money, the students were able to purchase Tshirts, print brochures, buttons, and organize an event to disseminate information about Caregiver Companion.
  • Two Students Jack Daniel Harber and Danielle Auckley are publishing their first ever journal article on Purdue Journal of Service Learning.
  • Caregiver Companion was awarded with JoAnn Miller Exemplary Community Partner Award for engaging my class in service learning among others. 

Student Produced Materials for Caregiver Companion

Student Organized Caregiver Companion Coffee and Donuts Event, December, 2018

As part of their final project, one of the groups in my Fall 2018 English 420 Business Caregiver Companion CalloutWriting (Service Learning) class decided to organize an event for our community partner Caregiver Companion. The event was organized on December 05, 2018 and was attended by more than 200 Purdue Students. My students were able to encourage more than 20 Purdue students to sign-up for volunteering with Caregiver Companion. This event was supported with the grant provided by Office of Engagement at Purdue University to support Caregiver Companion. The major objective of the event was to encourage Purdue students to involve with the local community in Lafayette. Not only the students organized this event but designed two flyers and two banners that Caregiver Companion can use in the future.

Some Highlights of the Class and Event


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