Service Learning Project with Code For Nepal


Spring 2019: International Service Learning Project with Code for Nepal


Through this course my students perform public humanities by working closely with a community partner Code for Nepal to establish their brand and digital identity in order to support their mission of empowering Nepal by increasing digital literacy and the use of open data! Code for Nepal is a non-profit volunteer organization based in the US working in the field of digital literacy, empowering women from marginalized communities in Nepal with technology.


Within this course, students engaged directly with the international community by applying their knowledge of rhetoric, writing, and community service for global social justice.


  • Office of Engagement at Purdue University provided us with the grant of $1500 to support Code for Nepal. With this money the students were able to purchase SSL certificate, Facebook Ads, and various merchandise for Code for Nepal.
  • Student purchased Facebook Ads reached to over 300,000 people with an increased likes of over 500.

Student Produced Materials

Student Organized Code for Nepal Coffee and Donuts Event, April, 2019

Students of Spring 2019 decided to organize a Coffee and Donuts Event to inform Purdue CFN_FreeCoffee DonutStudents about Code for Nepal and volunteer opportunities with Code for Nepal. The event was supported with the grant provided by Office of Engagement at Purdue University. The students not only organized the events but as you can see in the slideshow, they also produced various merchandise like brochures, buttons, tshirts, banners, stickers. All the merchandised that were produced were shipped to Code for Nepal’s local address in Virginia and later all those materials were taken to Nepal for distributing it to the community that Code for Nepal serves.

Highlights of Coffee and Donut Event

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