Risk Communication


Risk Communications is my major research area. Ranging from my dissertation project to various publications, I am invested in finding ways to minimize environmental, and natural risks via establishing proper communication mechanisms.


  • Baniya, S (2019). Comparative Study of Networked Communities, Crisis Communication, and Technology: Rhetoric of Disaster in Nepal Earthquake and Hurricane Maria. In Proceedings of SIGDOC Conference, Portland, OR Sigdoc 2019
  • Baniya, S. (2020). Decolonial Rhetorical Agency of Transnational Women Entrepreneurs in Disaster Management During the Nepal Earthquake. Enculturation Special Issue on Climate Change. Forthcoming. Manuscript on progress.
  • Baniya S. (2020). Assembling the Global: Decolonizing Disaster Knowledge Making and Response. Work in Progress
  • Baniya, S. (2020). #RageAgainstRape: Nepali Women’s Performance of Local Digital Actions Against the National Silence on Rape. Work in Progress