Interdisciplinary Research


From August 2017-May 2020 I worked as a Research Assistant for “Polytechnic Integrated Freshman Year Research” implemented by Purdue’s Polytechnic Institute. This empirical research integrates three courses English, Communication, and Design thinking for all incoming Freshmen of the Polytechnic Institute. This research aims at finding out how the intersections of humanities and technology during the freshmen year will help students develop better rhetorical understanding of the real world like the corporate world, social world, political world. The multi-disciplinary aspect of the research interested me and thus investing time on this project has helped me develop and grow as a researcher. Having worked for nearly two years now, we have few joint publications and some publications are under review with Dr. Nathan Mentzer, Dr. Amelia Chelsey other colleagues. This research experience has made me learn and explore innovative ways of forging a diverse partnership via writing and research with a multidisciplinary team. With this research, I have been trained as an empirical research methods as well as administrative and logistics work behind implementing integrated programs by bringing together three different departments.


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