Peer Reviewed Publications

Baniya, S., & Potts, L. (2021). Valuing expertise during the Pandemic. Journal of Business & Technical Communication Special Section: Business and Technical Communication and COVID-19. Forthcoming, Spring 2021.

Baniya, S. (2020). Managing Environmental Risks: Rhetorical Agency and Ecological Literacies of Women During the Nepal Earthquake. Enculturation Special Issue: Rhetorics and Literacies of Climate Change. Forthcoming. Summer 2020

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 Peer Reviewed Publications in Progress

Baniya, S., Decolonizing Disaster Response: Puerto Ricans Response to Hurricane Maria. Journal of Puerto Rican Studies. Forthcoming. Fall 2020

Sherman, D., Mentzer, N., Baniya, S., & Laux, D. (2019) Adapting Rhetorical Knowledge: Our Challenge in Assessing a First-Year Integrated Experience. Assessing Writing. Under Review.

Baniya, S.  Rhetorical Agency of Women in Ancient Nepali Mythological Narrative:  A Feminist Historiography of Svasthani Barta Katha. Manuscript in progress.

Baniya, S[2]., Mentzer, N., Sherman, D., Laux, D., Farrington, S., Holtan, A., Eden, C. Instructor Experience on Implementing Integrated Teaching Praxis. Manuscript in progress.

Book Chapters

Baniya, S. (2020). Rhetorical Comparison of Hindu God Krishna and Plato: An Exploration of Non-Western Hindu Rhetoric. In K. Lloyd. (Eds.), The Routledge Companion of Comparative and World Rhetorics, pp. 164-172. Routledge.

Baniya, S. (2020). Community Engagement. In J. Tham (Eds), Keywords in Design Thinking: A Primer For Makers, Designers, & Technical Communicators. (1 page). WAC Foundations and Innovations in Technical and Professional Communication Series. Under Review

Baniya, S. (2015). Performance of Rituals in Shaping Nepalese Woman’s Sexuality. Discourses on Folklore Kathmandu International Folklore Congress. Nepali Folklore Society, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Peer Reviewed Conference Proceedings

Baniya, S., Hutchinson, L, Kumari, A, Larson, K, Lindgren, C. (2019). Representing Diversity in Digital Research: Digital Feminist Ethics and Resisting Dominant Normatives. Computers and Writing 2018 Conference Proceedings. URL:

Baniya, S (2019). Comparative Study of Networked Communities, Crisis Communication, and Technology: Rhetoric of Disaster in Nepal Earthquake and Hurricane Maria. In proceedings of SIGDOC Conference, Portland, OR Sigdoc 2019. DOI: 10.1145/3328020.3353913

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Publications by Undergraduate Mentees

Chaube, P. (2020). Importance and Challenges of International Service-learning. Purdue Journal of Service-Learning and International Engagement. Forthcoming

Auckley D., & Harber, J. (2019). Caregiver Companion: A Service-Learning Initiative in Tippecanoe County. Purdue Journal of Service-Learning and International Engagement, 6, 4–10.

Yee, M., (2019). From Mugshots to Masterpieces: Identities Revealed Through Immigration Portraits of the Chinese Exclusion Era. Young Scholars in Writing, 17, 127-136.

Multimodal Productions




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